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Originally Posted by ChesterDave View Post
No, it is because in her own words she is a Thatcherite female who seems to think employment rights for women are...iffy. Someone who thinks a kid is dodgy because of the name given to it by its parent. Someone with a child called India who thinks geographical names are stupid and someone who can't be arsed to go and watch her own child at sports day because it is too much of a chore and gets in with her own life.

That is not an assumption. It is from the horses mouth.
And none of that says she doesn't love or spend time with her kids, it says she's a bitch.

Saying she doesn't love or spend time with her kids just strikes me as an antiquated judgement of a career woman and quite separate to her qualities (or more like lack of) as a member of society.

You don't know what she does after the nanny knocks off and at weekends. You're not privvy to that part of her family life.

The fact that she seems to be putting on a persona to get media attention makes it impossible to even guess.

Do we sit here judging guys like Alan Sugar as a parent? He's clearly a twat too. But no, he's a guy, so we're able to separate that from him as a parent, which is quite right. However it should be no different for this woman.

Some people need to move into the 21st century.

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