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Originally Posted by Irishnev View Post
I saw that also, he was not a typical ZA 10 in so far as he ran a lot with the ball as opposed to ‘only’ having a kicking game. Broke onto the scene when M Steyn was coming to end of his career right?
Bit harsh, we've had a variety of fly halves not of that mould, it's just that some of the coaches have always favoured that type of player. Not mentioning names, but Meyer, Coetzee, and Straeuli tried to play rugby from a million years ago. Elton Jantjies would be borderline unplayable in an All Blacks set up (given he wouldn't get a game because he'd be 3rd choice, but you know what I mean).

Also worth noting Butch James was our WC winning fly half and he could do it all, even play the crash ball Joking aside, he was a much, much better player than he was ever given credit for.
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