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Italian clubs reinstated

Lazio have been reinstated to Serie A with an 11 point deduction.:whatever:

Fiorentina reinstated to Serie A with a 19 point deduction. Ground closed for 2 matches. 120,000 Euros fine.:whatever:

Juventus stay in Serie B with a 17 point deduction. For the first time in their history they will play Serie B football. Ground closed for 3 matches. 120,000 Euros fine.:whatever:

AC Milan stay in Serie A with an 8 point deduction. They have been handed a chance to participate in the Champions League but they will need to play in the preliminary rounds. :whatever:

What a copout, Wenger was right when he said the Italians have been cheating for years, Ill never forgive Inter for THAT semi final where they over turned a 3-1 first leg and paid off the ref, as far as i am concerned, they have been always at it. Their relegation should have stood and a bigger example should have been made out of them, plus Juve will be back up next season.
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