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Originally Posted by sean_lfc View Post
Just some random tit for tat I thought I'd add:

I was guest of the Match sponsor "S:Three" (dad's mate = owner, rich as FUCK) of our last game of the season last season, at White Hart Lane in the Oak Room.

Had a blinding time, was sat at the Liverpool table with another crazy mate of my dad's, Scouse Chris from Hong Kong, top top geezer, I had stayed out with him Hong Kong years ago, we had a Champagne and canapes reception at 11am, no breakfast, straight to the bevvies. Free bar, 3 course meal, suited and booted, got absolutely wasted, christ, Chris and me were falling over Granmas and whatnot, all these posh people, sat somewhere in the directors box or whatnot, can't even remember I was that pissed. We weren't even driven home in a taxi, but an executive bus which took everyone back home all over London, not that I can remember any of it

However, I have pictorial evidence that I was there, there's some Spurs legends next to me, fuck knows who they were, I do excuse my ignorance!

To the left as we look, I give you the man Pele once described as his most difficult opponent ever...Mr ALAN MULLERY!!!!!!

And on the right as we look, the one and only Spurs legendary number 9...Mr MARTIN CHIVERS

"I am a constant source of entertainment to myself"

"of all the seasons...of ALL the bloody seasons...
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