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The midfield looks lacking in numbers only really Henderson, Dier, Alli and Loftus-cheek who are actually midfielders, I guess he could play Delph or TAA there but neither have been playing there all season.

Also what is the need for 6 fullbacks, Ok as mentioned above some could play elsewhere, but surely you pick 2 specialist players for each position and you probably have one or two utility players in there anyway.

To me the squad looks unbalanced it seems like he as picked too many 'Jack of all trades' players. In a way I feel sorry for him because the pool of players is fairly limited and truth be told there is no-one left out who you really feel would make much of a difference. I wonder if this is supposed to be one for the future rather than this world cup because it is fairly young. But I don't imagine any top sides will be having nightmares about facing this side.

Southgate needs to build a team greater than the sum of its parts, there aren't too many stars in there. I guess we just have to see if he can do it.
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