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Originally Posted by Norbs View Post
Fear of farting in bed keeps me awake like some sort of anal sleep apnea. Woke myself twice in the night letting off the tiniest of pops and the first thing I did was to listen for Mrs Norbs breathing pattern. She definitely sounded awake but didn't say anything. 3rd fart was a bigger more normal one and I had to get up and so to the toilet. Came back to the standard greeting 'Morning, farty Marty'

Thing is that farting unexpectedly or in bed is embarrassing and I always apologise but she thinks I'm joking around but I really am ashamed of myself
Kin L, itís like warfare in our house. One of us will fart loudly and collapse in a fit of giggles whistle the other swears and looks pissed off then the other will respond in kind.

As for the thread - only Slinks hahaha.
3rd place. Worst champions ever.
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