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Originally Posted by Pepe79 View Post
They haven’t. Not in terms of 1-11, or even our main core of 14-15 players for the 2 seasons before this one.

In terms of overall squad, then yes. They’ve clearly far more depth in quality beyond their 1st choice players than we’ve ever had.

And again in terms of our best team, we haven’t been better than the sum of our parts. We’ve had genuine quality all over the pitch, in every position. Although we did achieve a lot with a relatively small group of core players, if that’s what you mean.

Yep any team whose best starting XI has a number of genuine world class players through it's spine along with the rest of the XI being made up of very good players is generally going to punch it's weight especially with a world class manager and excellent back room team doing the behind the scenes work.

We seem to be copying City in a number of ways right now. They had two seasons of immense performing followed by a serious drop off in form albeit a drop off that was mitigated to no small degree, imo of course, thanks to the size of their squad.

We had two seasons of performing relentlessly at a very high level and now we are having a big fall off in the third season, bigger than that of City due to our lack of genuine quality in depth imo along with a freak wiping out of the back line, and getting the same sort of criticism as City did when their form dropped.

A summer to recharge and, crucially, some new back ups brought in that are available when needed, and we will go again next season and be able to challenge again imo.
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