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Originally Posted by Fredo View Post
So you want to get back at what it was before? That Spurs goal would have stood 100% it it was the case.

Again, I think in time, it will improve. Would it ever be perfect? Probably not, but never again I'd want a decision as last night's be down to a ref to be in a perfect situation and making an instant split gut feeling decision which could alter the course of a football game.
If it means getting rid of var surely no one would had a complaint about sons goal being allowed? It was so marginal.

I sat there and didn't shout, fist pump, celebrate any of our 3 goals because I'm so tuned to wait for var to have its seedy look at proceedings. It's fucking taken away that immediate buzz of adrenalin and sheer ecstasy you used to get when your team scores a goal. Football is now so tame from lack of tackling on the pitch to lack of feeling off the pitch. No way would I get a kid of mine involved and hooked on this charade. We're too old and long in the tooth but the younger generation should fuck football off pronto.
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