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Disagree on the Xabi Alonso statement. He was an instrumental player for Real Madrid and Bayern Munich for a number of years.

Same with Mascherano at Barca too.

They all went on to better things after leaving LFC and won loads of trophies. They played for - and were vitally important to - some of the biggest club football sides in the world. And won trophies. Can't get bigger than that.

The likes of Coutinho, Torres, McManaman, Owen all went to other clubs. All won things. But were not really important for any sustained period of time (McManaman perhaps an exception but he didn't really do it for 5-8 years like the others......more like 2-3 if my memory serves me correct?).

Such a pity FSG didn't take over LFC instead of H&G. Rafa was a cunt-hair away from having football domination.
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