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Originally Posted by Ben_Itez View Post
Three pages down?!

Last time he played we won 7-0.

I know hes injury prone but when hes fit he offers us SO much. Quality player IMO! He gets the balled played quick. Added to 8/9 first choice players out hell offer us some great options 👍🏻

Fully fit there is a quality player there. He is like Thiago in that he is almost press proof and receives the ball so well under pressure.

The problem is what most will say, and that he just cannot stay fit/uninjured for a decent run of games.

Was one of those that was really excited when we signed him as he was amazing in the Bundesliga and he was managing 25+ starts a season in a 34 game league when there.

Am just hoping we do not break Kabak as we have form for Bundeliga players becoming injury prone when with us. Matip was putting in regular 25 to 30+ game league campaigns when in Germany and played in every league game for Schalke in his last season there and poor Thiago gets assualted on the pitch after joining us along with getting covid.

Though to be fair to the club we do not discriminate with it comes to injuries and we share them around.
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