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I think if there wasn't a global pandemic at this stage then we would be looking to sell him and cut our losses. In the hope that someone would take a chance based on his history in the german league.

He has been a huge letdown considering how much he cost and what impact was expected of him. He was going to be the all rounder missing jigsaw piece. He was worth waiting a full season for. Klopp openly celebrated his capture and spoke about how it was a huge signing for LFC. His friends back in Germany told him he was lucky to have Naby.

Also, considering that he knew for a full 12 months before he moved to LFC that he was coming, then it wasn't unreasonable to expect him to be pretty much fluent in english on his first day. That was a bit of a disappointment too. It would have helped with his integration.

One other thing that pisses me off about him is the fact that he could have Covid and 2 broken legs and he'd seem to be able to make an international fixture.

But if he gets his injuries behind him in this latest effort to be fully fit, gets to the end of the season and has a decent pre-season, then he has a clean slate going into next season and who knows, he could be an asset. If there is a manager that can get a song out of him then it is Jurgen.
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