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Originally Posted by peterbread View Post
His comment about not being and 18 year old who was at the top from an early age is the same for all the squad apart from Trent. I like that they’ve all had to work so hard to become top players and haven’t been stars from early on. They’ve had set backs, moved up the levels through different clubs. It really comes across with the attitude and commitment they all show.
That is a really really good point. That hunger is evident in how we play. You could argue that Klopp has been the same - coming via Mainz.

People have talked about Mbappe as a potential addition. I am not sure that it is any way feasible as a signing but I wonder would that signing upset the apple cart????

I love the way Klopp and the recruitment team really analyse the personality of a player as well. There is a story I think of Robbo getting sick in his medical. And Klopp walking over taking the piss the next morning. Also, of Klopp giving his staff a bit of a bollocking when nobody informed him that Robbo's Mrs was having their first child shortly after he signed too.

I wonder when they got to speak to Fekir, was there a warning light going off around his attitude???
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