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The new manager has to carry through his convictions without pandering to the media - which was part of Sven's problem.

He has to decide who are his World Class players and built the tactics, formation and team around them. Therefore, some difficult decisions are required.

Do England persist in moving Gerrard around the midfield - even though he is our greatest Midfield talent, which every other country would build the team around? Or does the manager decide that if we are playing a four man midfield, Lampard and Gerrard cannot play in the same side, unless Gerrard is given the role that LFC have given Gerrard on many occasions last season.

Goalkeepers isn't too much of a problem. Robinson is undoubtably the number one, with Green, Kirkland, and Carson able deputies. James might as well be sent out to pasture.

Centrebacks - Terry might be captain and is an automatic choice, I would then experiment with Ferdinand or Carragher to see who plays alongside Terry the best. Campbell is no londer picked. And some youth should be drafted in, such as Dawson.

Left Back - I think we are fine there, although Cole had a poor WC. Let him and Bridge battle it out for the spot.

Right Back - as much as I hate him, Neville has no serious competition at the moment, and moving Carra out there is not a viable option. England needs some extra options here and fast.

Centre Midfield - after his star performance against Portugal, I have to say that Hargreaves should be the first choice defensive Midfielder, playing alongside our Stevie. With Stevie having complete licence to roam and to rampage. We have able deputies in both positions in King, Carrick and (shock horror) Lampard.

Left wing - Joe Cole does a job, but isnt suited to the 4-5-1 formation played in the latter stages of the WC. Downing needs to up his performances to put pressure Cole.

Right Wing - SWP needs to leave Chelski ASAP, unless he gets played and I can see himm being the first choice on the right easily. Beckham should only be picked on his performances on the pitch, and at the moment they aren't good enough. Lennon is similar to SWP, just with a few more rough edges.

Strikers - Rooney is obviously first choice, truly World Class player. Then we have Crouch that performs a great job for club and country. I would then alternate between Johnson, Defoe, and Bent to see if any have international pedigree.
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