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Originally Posted by scully
Excellent post Cacodemon, have five - oh wait, there isn't that option

I've just seen this on the BBC 'Gossip Column':

More England players are expected to criticise former England boss Sven-Goran Eriksson in the aftermath of the World Cup. An agent close to many of the squad has said: "The general view among the players is that he was pretty hopeless and didn't have a clue." (The Observer)

I just wish they had spoken up when it would have been more useful to do so. Then again the similarities between Eriksson and Houllier were striking and so what good would it have done? There's a touch of King Canute about both of them, the way they both persisted in tactics that even the most football-illiterate could see weren't working. Truly weird.
I guess players didn't speak up because they were afraid of their position in the squad. However, Sven would have had some very strong supporters in the Dressing room - it's obvious that Sven's favourites would have stuck up for him, namely Beckham, Lampard, Owen, Neville and Hargreaves.

I can see that people like Rooney, Gerrard, Carragher, and J. Cole would have a problem with Sven and his tactics - it still frustrates me, why he would move and shift Gerrard all over the pitch and not substitute Lampard.
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