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Originally Posted by dom9 View Post
Some much needed context.

Since Solskjaer was made permanent, he's won 26 points from 22 Premier League games.

Jose Mourinho, won 35 points from the last 22 games.

Louis van Gaal, 37 points (as well as an FA Cup).

David Moyes, 36 points.

Other recently departed high profile managers...

Emery took 28 points from his last 22 league games before the sack.

Mauricio Pochettino, 25 points.
The other thing with Ole is he just doesn’t carry himself as a manager of top club, he is so banal and speaks as if he was manager of Cardiff still.......I just can’t fathom how they see him as fit for purpose. It reminds me of when Woy was in charge of us.

From our perspective it’s absolute dreamland territory

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