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Hey lurking lurker, so 61 people have viewed this thread and not replied. I have not replied to threads in fucking years - and I have 5000 posts. I decided to overcome my 'Don't post, what's the point' phase, what difference does it make? I believe *EVERYONE* has at least one great story to tell about theirs supporting Liverpool.
And that's what this thread is for. Don't be embarrassed! Be proud of who you are! Even if you believe you're just a minion and your opinion is just butter when you stutter! So is mine! I'm a shit cunt with nothing left to give but my heart and soul and love for all you keyboard warriors and pussies (I know I'm one!)

We're in the pub together, all of us, everyone's having a pint or a shandy or an Appletizer, and because we're humans and we love to exchange our ideas and expressions about how we see the world, that is why this thread is here.

Did you know, that you can NEVER NOT offend anyone, when you're saying what you think in a room of 50 people? There's 7+ fucking billion on the planet. Who gives a shit!!??! I've stopped giving a shit this season, and I have been top poster and victim lurker and neither have done me well or bad, it's all in me head.

So I want this to the be the Poob Room, the place where you can just give it out large, fuck off cunts, whatever, I am who I am and this is my story! This place needs a central hub where we can all be non-embarrassed about who we are and just shoot those thoughts out into the Red World. No clique bollocks here, you're talking to Mr. Loner Numero fucking Uno in the world! And we can be together, chewing the fat, shootin the breeze, you could even just atom-bomb drop that time you shagged Lucy Pool right there in the street, or talked to yer grandma about that time she once watched a footie game and then she had a heart-attack and looked you in the eye and said "Thank you Sonnie, for hearing me out" or that time you converted the neighbours kid, whose dad was a Chav scumhead, to support Liverpool, it's the fucking PUB STORIES THREAD and we are ONE FAMILY and we will most likely NEVER EVER MEET EACH OTHER EVER, so what does it fucking matter.

This thread is about


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