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Originally Posted by Irishnev View Post
And yet I still feel comfortable history shows they always come through but Exeter better than I thought.
I've just got round to finishing watching all last w/e's games now including that one.

Exeter are a decent team but they only play one way and as I posted a couple of days prior in anticipation of the match, they contributed to their defeat by not being adaptable. One out runners against a team good over the ball like Munster is going to be flawed especially as Exeter don't always resource rucks properly.

I did think that Garces was a little over generous on a couple of occasions though, (with French refs once they start to favour a side they seem to keep doing so throughout the game) and whilst there were some excellent Munster turnovers, he gave a couple of pens against Exeter where the jackler was clearly on the man and not the ball which relieved pressure at critical times.

I think your boys will go past Edinburgh without too much fuss (sorry Buzzo) so it looks like Saracens in the SF. If they win that then I reckon they'll take enough confidence to have a decent shot in the final whoever that turns out to be against.

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