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Originally Posted by Buzzo View Post

For England. I believe the issue begins with Eddie Jones. Hubris is a killer. And for sure they wrote Scotland off at HY and that Is inexcusable.

Farrell has been a massive issue in the collapses v. Wales and Scotland. Not sure captaincy suits him. And he should sack off the wanky huddles.

Don't know if it's hubris but they clearly eased up because they thought the game was won: unforgivable at this level as you say.

I didn't see the end of match stats but after an hour they had missed 25% of their tackles; you wouldn't see that in an Under 9's game. By contrast v Ireland their gain line hits were off the charts whereas I barely saw one yesterday.

I should imagine that come the WC yesterday's shambles is going to give their opponents massive self belief that England could crumble at any point which is going to potentially make their games much harder even against perceived inferior opposition.
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