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Too much of what he did seemed to be for reasons other than footballing ones. Being a media manipulator was one of them, which was where appointing and then keeping Beckham as captain came in. Plus taking Walcott along (a player he'd never even seen play, thus the most striking example of having no footballing reasons behind his decisions) and repeatedly giving caps to the latest media-hyped player. Plus ManU and Chavski are media darlings and thus he favours their players over players from other teams. It's as if he feared any media controversy that would have happened if he ditched Lampard for Gerrard and didn't play Beckham - he's more like a politician than a football manager.

And the fact that, back in 2004, he only dumped Heskey once Houllier had was pretty dubious. The guy didn't seem to have a footballing will or mind of his own.
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