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Originally Posted by paulg View Post
Cheers Hollow, I'll go back and read your earlier post about him.

I read an interesting article about the NFL not developing QBs anymore. I suppose it's similar to the EPL and not blooding enough youngsters, or looking to spend big short term.
Dunno about that. Billy Vegas and Johnny Football are two of the most gifted young quarterbacks in recent memory.

I guess in a way the NFL has seen a golden period for quarterbacks. Brady, the Manning brothers, Big Ben, Brees all HOF quarterbacks. While guys like Romo, Rivers and Ryan can also play at an elite level.

All these guys are.the wrong side of 30 and replacements will be required soon.

Interesting piece I read last week is who'll replace these guys when the time comes? The perceived thinking was that both the Rams and Eagles bet the house on Geoff and Wentz while the asking price was comparatively low.

Look at the cluster fuck that is the Broncos QB situation. That may be the shape of things to come unless teams are willing to give up 5 firsts to get a Luck type prospect.
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