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Attempted it twice.

Attempt 1 - made great time up and down Ben Nevis, so much so that we decided to stop at the bottom for a look around the visitor's centre and grab an ice cream. Then another stop on the way to Scafell to get some vaseline to combat chafing, and a stop just after Scafell for our driver to vomit after eating tuna sandwiches that he'd left on the parcel shelf in direct sunlight all day. Then we got lost a little on a storm-eroded section of the Pyg track on Snowdon in the dark, and completed the challenge in around 24 and a half hours, just missing the 24 hour mark due to all the fannying around.

Attempt 2 - focused and determined to do it in 24 hours this time, we flew up and down Ben Nevis, and raced on to Scafell. Decided this time to attempt Scafell Pike from a different route, so it was unfamiliar for most of the way up. In fact it was unfamiliar all the way up, but that was fine as it was misty during the first attempt. Until we reached the summit and one of our group said "hang on lads, isn't that one over there a little bit higher than this". At which point it dawned on us that we'd climbed the wrong fecking mountain. With no time to descend from Bow Fell, climb Scafell and get Snowdon done in the 24 hours, we decided to head home and abandon the attempt.

As LabourRed says, it's absolutely doable, but you need to get yourself fit beforehand and practice going up and down some steep hills if you don't usually hill-walk. The routes are well marked and well trodden, and you don't need any climbing expertise. The only real danger is on top of Ben Nevis, where there are some very steep gullies to be careful of if it's foggy. Just be sensible and you'll be fine though.
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