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I've done all three mountains separately.

Ben Nevis is by far the greatest challenge of the three - you're setting off almost at sea level so have the full height of the mountain to hike.

Scafell Pike you generally start at 100 metres above SL, so you've about 850m to hike. Snowdon from Pen-y-pass (approx. 300m above SL) is easiest - if you pick the miners or Pyg tracks....

It's the main reason why the 24hr challenge starts in Scotland, get the hardest out of the way first.

However, if you're taking a day to do each... I found the night out in Fort William to be a right hoot! So perhaps do Snowdon on the Thursday, Scafell Pike on the Friday and Ben Nevis on the Saturday. With celebratory pints in Fort William... I think that's what I'd do in your boots.

In terms of gear - the only thing I'd make sure you get right is footwear. Everything else you can buy cheap and get away with it but not your boots.
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