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Originally Posted by Irishnev View Post
We don’t have the physicality to match them even though they were missing the two Vunipolas. The score flattered us and we have too many players there on reputation - I’d bin Sexton, he is a fucking nightmare to listen to and when Carbury gets fit play him.

We are playing an antiquated brand of rugby and haven’t changed it up since the end of Schmidt’s reign. I expected a defeat so not that disappointed but I thought we’d put up more of a fight - we were bullied all over the pitch
Originally Posted by Buzzo View Post
I think of the game plays out the way it did few teams will handle England.

One of the things they don’t like is broken field play as we have shown over the last few years (one of the few things we’ve done fairly well). If it is a structured game then England just run over the top of you.

Ireland looked a bit devoid of ideas (a bit like us yesterday) with the Sexton wrap around and crash ball seeming a bit obvious. Murray and Sexton are a safe pair of hands... but... getting a bit predictable? Sexton missing his kicks was brutal also if he’d made them then the game would have been a lot tighter and more scoreboard pressure on England.

Was out this afternoon so watched this on record.

As Buzzo says you have to do something different against England because if you play conventional then you're probably going to lose.

Maybe not necessarily broken field because England are pretty lively with two '7' s a fairly mobile front row (leaving aside Marler) and a quick back three, but definitely something unexpected.

Ireland didn't really look up for a physical battle and just sort of spluttered when they had the ball.

That bit surprised me because they have some handy backs and a couple of good attack coaches in Farrell and Catt. Maybe Sexton's time is up, it didn't help that he started with a couple of big errors (the try and the missed kick), but it's always difficult playing behind a pack that's being dominated.

Although Ackee brings some graft and does produce gain line success he's no Tuilangi and I'd be tempted to play a more creative player there.

Whatever the issues I hope they sort them out before playing France and obviously that Buzzo's lot have a big performance saved up for that game too
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