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Originally Posted by Buzzo View Post
It has been kind of a strange tournament, because I think all of the home nations are currently left with more questions than answers.

It's just not been the best 6N's of all time. Maybe understandable after the WC and with so many coaching changes.

The atmosphere at Twickenham seemed soooo shit.

I know someone who was in Dublin for the Ire v Sco game and he said that was flat also. The Calcutta was flat because of the weather. I suppose it was a cracking atmos in Cardiff... but... just a slightly dull 6N's so far.

Good point, I think that's definitely been a factor in one way or another.

I can't think back to all the games (I struggle to think back to this morning ) but the weather has definitely been a factor too, to a greater or lesser extent.

Maybe the tournament will get its' mojo back if Scotland, England and Ireland win next time out and we end up with three potential winners on the last day?
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