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Lmao...I missed this but apparently a new excuse from Wilder in one of his post match interviews with Boxing Scene.

He claims the only reason his assistant trainer Mark Breland threw in the towel was because the boxer Anthony Dirrell was sitting near Wilder's corner and told Breland to throw the towel in to save the champ. Wilder thinks this is a conspiracy because Dirrell is trained by Sugar Hill...

He was influenced by [Anthony] Dirrell. They said [Anthony] Dirrell was in back of him screaming, ‘Throw the towel in! We love our champ!’ And, you know, [Anthony] works with ‘Sugar’ as well, the opposite trainer, Tyson’s trainer. [Dirrell] works with him, too. [Breland] said he didn’t hear nothing, but everybody’s saying the same thing. A lot of people that’s around, a lot of people that was in my camp, and if everybody’s hearing it and if my people in the corner can hear him, and Mark said he can’t hear [him], there’s something wrong with that
Looking forward to the next 10 excuses.

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