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Originally Posted by Robbie-9-Fowler View Post
Yeah you're right he did, I just have a memory of Williams starting a couple of league games as well. Maybe we were still trying to figure things out, it's been a difficult experiment.

If Henderson stayed fit I think I'd be really positive about the end of the season. I still have hope, I just think losing him on top of everything else is a huge blow.

Him being fit and Fabinho being fit and in the centre would have me being more confident as well.

I see Alisson, Gomez, VVD, Henderson and Fabinho as being the foundation upon which the team is built now.

We have other world class players like Salah, but as we have seen the past few month, take out our solid core and even someone as lethal as Salah cannot cover up how soft we are through the centre.
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