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Originally Posted by red g View Post
24 goals for United, Half are pelanties. When you watch him play can see why none of the big teams would want him. far too wasteful, His passing stats must be pretty dreadful

His stats are pretty decent. As expected for an attacking midfielder his pass completion % is not very high (as in high 80s like you might see from a deep playing midfielder or CB) but still comes it at around a 78% average for PL games this season (slightly higher for his national team) which is good for a position in which you play a lot of higher risk passes.

De Bruyne for example tends to be around the 80% to 81% mark.

Using De Bruyne as a yardstick, Fernandes' surface stats match up pretty well to those of De Bruyne and his underlying stats seem to be fairly comparable as well from a quick glance.

His underlying stats suggest he would thrive in a more progressive team with more movement around and ahead of him, and the eye test would back that up I suspect as to me he has always looked a player that is putting up good numbers despite the tactical set up he is playing within.
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