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Originally Posted by Assassin View Post
Trent was on a bit of a walk about last night. He was playing at left back for a short period of time. Joe struggled, having said that he made a couple of good interceptions as well
Gomez was poor for me, made loads of mistakes and was getting caught under the ball loads and was giving away possession a bit. The getting caught under the ball was a common feature of his game when he first started playing centreback for us but he ironed that out of his game first half of last season. Its kept back in the last couple of times hes played. Might be him being ringrusty

Trents passing has been very hit and miss at times this season also

As for him switching to leftback, they do this a lot, its always after set pieces and they stay in position until the ball is at the other end of the pitch

Its not a real tactical switch its more a reflection of their positions on set pieces and they do immediately try and switch back at the earliest opportunity

Thats something and nothing for me
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