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Was at the game, clearly a glutton for punishment. England won fair and square, despite their best efforts to let us snatch it at the end. We were probably 25 runs or so short and it showed. Even though it was a good, competitive game, it is always a little strange when both teams are missing a couple of good players.

Also shit game management to steal a term from football. No idea why Miller took so many singles to let bowlers take strike when he should have maximised the number of balls faced, Dhoni has done this to perfection his whole career and farms the strike when he's in the zone even if there's a recognised batsmen on the other end. Miller easily could have scored those extra 20 odd which could have changed the result. Regardless the long tail is getting ridiculous. We have 3 or 4 genuine number 11s.

On a positive, Jesus Christ! I don't think I've ever seen such a concentration of beautiful women anywhere else in my life. It was absolutely ridiculous, everywhere you looked scantily dressed young birds. I've watched cricket and other sports all over the world and nowhere comes close to the Wanderers. And it's strange because I wouldn't say that Joburg has the hottest chicks out of any city (although it's very decent) but it's like the cricket is a calling. I'd say 95% of them don't know what's going on and hardly watch a ball, but it's great viewing between deliveries or when the quality on the pitch is lulling. I took some friends from Belgium and Spain who don't know much about cricket and they couldn't believe what was on offer
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