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Played a lot of lawn bowls last year. Since old age (well, maybe coming of age) has started setting in over the last few years my mates and I often have beers at bowls clubs as they generally offer cheap beverages and there is little temptation for the married lads. It's not like 75 year old Doris is turning any heads. Footballers can still play 5 a side, but the rugby, cricket and boxing etc gets tricky due to tax on body and time dedication. After several years of drinking, one of us started playing with the geriatric fucks there and somehow triggered a domino effect with the rest of us.

The thought of it doesn't interest me, but the competitive element of close games are ridiculous, games can get really tense and sometimes even borderline aggressive. Little can come close to the frustration of having a winning bowl smashed out of the way when you were on the verge of victory. I've played on several greens now and there's a huge disparity between winter and summer greens which has thrown me as a beginner.

I bought some shitty second hand bowls, but was shocked at the price of a reasonable set. So probably won't be getting too into it for at least the next few decades. Definitely a better drinking activity than the likes of pool, darts etc. Although some clubs are very particular about drinking on greens.

Nothing but the contrary here, they love seeing people on the other side of the half century showing bowls any interest. Old people giving their pearls of wisdom can be tedious, had so much contradicting information thrown at me. The 'when you get to the mat, stay low and take your time' is probably the best advice I've received.
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So, 'the (closet) lawn bowls thread' then

Can ya do this yet? Can ya? CAN YA???
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