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Originally Posted by Mr Pink View Post
Donít have a problem with him saying Klopp is a father figure, even though think he sounds like a Nancy saying it...

I think most peoples problem is what heís saying about we want to win 20 trophies in 4 years... it sounds just like last year when he said we can go the full season unbeaten (a few days before we were beat). Both times heís the only one in the squad saying these kind of things.

We as fans say these things, Iím sure the players talk about it in private... but if all the other players and manager are avoiding the media bait every week bout the title already being won, why does Lovren go and say weíre also gonna win 19 other trophies in the next 4 years!!!
Didnít Klopp say something similar. That they all want to look back in 20 years and not remember which trophy win was which?
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