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I think giving him a different role nearer to the goal was just as much about making the most of his special abilities than him being clueless tactically. Rafa loved his 2 guys sitting and all that stuff, why would anyone limit Gerrard in his prime to that?! World class attackers cost the most for a reason so sitting one in a holding midfield role permanently would be daft. He could do it if asked, like he did plenty of times including to perfection at home to Chelsea in the 2007 CL Semi where we couldn't afford to concede an away goal, but getting Gerrard to play a Lucas Leiva or Momo Sissoko type role all the time is a waste given how gifted he is with the ball.

Obviously I wouldn't say it was one of his main strength's when talking about him, yeah he could go superman and vacate a space on occasions, wasn't as smart as Xabi or whatever but I think this thing about him supposedly being tactically clueless is massively over done and it seems to be getting more of a thing with every year he's retired. This is a guy that's been brilliant as a 6 when his legs had gone, an 8, a 10 or out wide and quality whenever he filled in at full back yet he's apparently meant to be thick as fuck in tactical intelligence. Not his best attribute or a particularly big strength sure, "tactically illiterate" as you put it no chance.
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