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Stevie was great but he was never an Aimar, Pirlo or a KDB. He wasn't the greatest at unpicking a lock, working out how to pull players around with 3 or 4 passes before spotting and pouncing on a small opening. If he couldn't fuck it, eat it or kill it he didn't know what to do. If it wasn't working then do the same thing harder, faster and with more commitment.

As a player 'force of nature' is a good description, the way he would 'grab the bull by the horns' and barnstorm a way through was second to none. But at the very highest levels, it wasn't enough and that was his relative weakness and the quality that I am interested to see how it shows as a manager. If he hasn't learnt that finesse then he will struggle at the highest levels as he did as a player, getting slightly out manoeuvred by those with less inherent talent but a more measured and sophisticated and patient approach.

It's a pretty fair point and I'd agree it's not controversial.
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