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Originally Posted by Buzzo View Post
Wilder definitely won’t get the sack. He has been backed by the owner even in the event of relegation. Also the fans love him. I listened to a phone in and a SU fan was saying he wanted Wilder to stay no matter what because of what he had already achieved. I think they feel about him the same way non idiot fans of LFC feel about Klopp.
Fair play to them, he has done a really good job there, he took them from League 1 to the PL and kept them there after only a couple of years in the Championship. IIRC there was talk that their promotion to the PL was 'too soon'. I think that a lot of clubs make it to the PL and get carried away and sack managers who have done good jobs to get them there rather than being realistic with expectations. I don't mean this to sound disrespectful but I imagine if you had told their fans 5 or 6 years ago that they would win league 1, spend two years in the Championship before getting promoted to the PL, spend 2 seasons there before being relegated most of them would have been made up with that.
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