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Originally Posted by Exiled_red View Post
I'm not disputing that they will be popular, and for a club like us we don't need to market tickets, but I suspect that as a long term revenue stream, clubs (no one in particular) would probably see a 1:1 ratio as producing less revenue as a standing option compared to a seated option. Unless they can go beyond that ratio I imagine alot of clubs not seeing it as an advantage from a financial point of view.
That's missing the point entirely. Clubs, supporters, TV people all want better atmospheres. This delivers on that without impacting the bottom line too drastically.

The net effect? Going to football becomes more marketable.

To focus on the short term cost of replacing some seats, or looking at it as a longer term, explicitly revenue generating opportunity deserves the disdain that such an approach will inevitably bring from supporters groups.

Anyhow, we'll see how it pans out in practice.
Oh I don't know.
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