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Originally Posted by Patricks_Berger View Post

I am comparing people who continuously seek to stand in judgment over others, who go on the internet and tell people what they are allowed to think and write, and who try to force their own values on to others to fascists.

If a joke is in breach of the forum rules or the law, that is a separate matter. I didn't see the offending joke in question, my point was a broader one.
We'll, it was that joke which provoked this particular episode of est naval gazing. At which point, legitimate questions were asked. Where do you draw the line? Do we even want to draw line? Is this thread a relic of the past? Has the world moved on? Have *we* moved on from this kind of thing?

I don't think anyone is telling anyone what they should and shouldn't post beyond being unless the content is racist, misogynistic, discriminatory or whatever. That goes without saying, right?

Some people have taken it that way though, it seems.

Personally I'm not bothered whether the thread stays or goes. It's hardly a body of comic genius. For the most part, it's pretty shit imo and losing it wouldn't be a loss to the site. It doesn't really add anything.

The most ironic part of all this was that hardly anyone posted in the thread until the naval gazing started. Now it's positively trending.
Oh I don't know.

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