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I had a kid with me watching it, I say Kid, hes 6.1 75kg with as close to zero body fat you are going to see outside of a bodybuilding competition, half Serbia half South African, dad is elite special forces and mates with Mirko. He wants to be a MMA fighter and if they gave our wins for scary looking dudes he would win everytime. But I was telling him, if he was my lad and he wanted to jump into a ring against this generation of fighters, if you are not worldclass at Judo, BJJ or Wrestling its a fucking non starter. On the undercard on the early prelims ther was another lad from SA fighter and Kick Boxing phenom, he simply got in his pocket, put him up against the fence and hit with an occasional elbow, knee, eventually scoring a couple of take downs and winning. Dominc Cruz who I think is the smartest commentator in the game, said, that kid better get used to it or change his game because thats what everyone will do against him.

Brought us onto a conversation about Khabib, how do you beat him? I basically said until he faces another worldclass wrestler like Matt Huges in his prime, he will have his way with everyone, You only get one small chance with him and thats if you clip him, he has a chin but he has been wobbled two times now, I honestly think you jump on him and try and smash his nose into a 1000 pieces, chances are you are not knocking him out, the nose has to be weakest part of a figher, does not matter how tough you are, you cannot train your nose lol then again he could probally wrestle half blind from muscle memory.
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