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Originally Posted by wavydavy View Post
I wouldn't swap our squad or financial situation for theirs. Man Utd won the title with relative ease last season. Guess what? I wouldn't swap our squad for theirs either. How can you just renounce your own team like that?
Renounce Behave!

Is Balotelli or Dzeko better than N'Gog?

Do they have better depth than us?

Is answering those questions honestly 'renouncing' our own team?

They have a better squad than ours and i'd rather we had the kind of strength in depth that they do. Radical thinking there(!)

Originally Posted by Shanks View Post
I'm sure you change the arguments to suit you..

City have too many strikers.. (if there is such a thing) they will not sit them all on the bench..

Unless they want to stay there and pick up a wage then they will struggle..
Fucking hell, this again

They will pick 4 or 5 for their PL squad of 25. And guess what, all 4 or 5 of their's will be good quality players, whereas we get to turn to N'Gog

The likes of Bellamy, Santa Cruz etc wont even be in their 25 man squad - how will they 'struggle' exactly because of that?

Will we struggle because we cant field 8 midfielders?
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