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Originally Posted by Vermilion View Post
Yeah can't blame Cowboy for blowing his nose, heat of the battle.

Tony certainly has form for the sly and illegal attacks.

I thought they maybe should have called a draw, both fighters went at it and deserved something, buy yeah, Tony wins a re-run, unless Cowboy does something incredible and ko's him out of nowhere, which is possible but very unlikely.

I really want to see Tony v Khabib, styles make fights.

Khabib would maul him like a bear. That was my first UFC for a very long time, its amazing how much out of love with the sport I used to be obsessed with. Its a shame they had something pure and beautiful and now its just another douchebag boxing style feast.

That said the fight with the Bulgarian dude was awesome ... fuck me there goes two hard as fuck cunts, tank like men, trained, exchanging hammer blows, unfuckingbeleiable
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