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Originally Posted by spud_gun View Post
.....but you've no issues with Jon Jones?

Jones is just as big a cunt as McGregor.

Least McGregor hasn't been popped for roids.
I have problems with Jones, I have problems with the sport. My girls have played full-contact rugby, train BJJ, I trained Muay Thai and Krav Maga. All of these things have to respect heavily ingrained into their respective communities, they lack ego because anybody who has ever done something that is very hard, instantly respects their opponent because they know they have also gone through it, they have instant legitimacy.

When you walk into a real, martial arts gym, usually they have some of the toughest, yet nicest people you will ever meet. Guys who can clean your clock effortlessly, but would never in a million years do, because paradoxically, trained individuals are some of the least violent around, they know the real and potential cost of violence.

I followed UFC and then additional combat sports religiously for a long time. I never missed a single fight, I could tell you who the coaching staff for most gyms was. At one stage I was number 1 on the UFC fantasy league in Asia Pacific. I knew the sport inside out. Early doors what really took me to it, was its complete lack of bullshit and bluster. Old school guys, respectful, hard, tough and many times very intelligent. My kind of people. Even the Promoter, Dana White, back in the early days he was a breath of Fresh Air. He called it as he saw it, he put on fights fans, other fighters wanted to see. There was very little bullshit in the sport.

Then along came Chael Sonon, a fighter with very basic to no stand-up skills whatsoever, limited ground game, very good wrestling but world-class shit talk.

He talked his way into title shots. He took the WWF and put it into the UFC and people loved it, me included. It was fun, we wanted to see him get his ass kicked. But he didn't, he bored us all with his lay and pray tactics, each time ratcheting up his shit talk. He laid the blueprint for Conor McGregor.

Around about that time, Fox got into bed with the UFC. Suddenly the colour commenters went from wearing T-shirts to Suits. NFL style stat breakdowns came in and with the Uniforms, a lot of the Fightclub feel to the sport when out the window. UFC was mainstream, it was a big business and if you knew what Dana Whites masterplan was, it was not surprising.

Then came McGregor and he basically took what Chael Sonnen did, and turned up the volume 1000 times. An Irish guy with the gift of the gab, a working-class guy with working-class aggression and he could actually fight. Brilliant! But in reality much like Chael Sonnen laid the groundwork for him, he laid the groundwork for the entire sport. Fighters immediately tried to copy him, the amount of shit talk went through the roof. Suddenly everyone had problems with everyone. Fighters who were not cunts, acted like ones just to get better Pay per views. The UFC had become Boxing which is ironic because Dana White started out as a Boxing Promoter and left for the very reason. I donít like the UFC now.

Ultimately, itís the fight game, these are professional fighters. Chaos is baked into the cake, but for the purest, the golden age of MMA has come and gone. As for juicing, all professional sports juice, every single one of them, including footballers, if you think otherwise you are naive in the extreme.

I am just watching McGregor now on ESPN. He is so good in front of the camera I donít think we will ever see a time when he is not in front of it. I was wrong, people will forget about this latest incident. If it was not the fact that Irish politics is such a tiny dog and pony show, he would run for office.

I am slowly getting back into MMA. I believe One FC is very much how the UFC used to be. I think I will work my way through the back catalogue of ONE promotion. A long shot, if any of you are connected to any Active Female MMA fighters if you can drop me a dm, I am trying to help a friend get into the sport at the moment.

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