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Originally Posted by PTP View Post
I watched his first UFC fight - he's a fucking grock isn't he. Anyway he walked in the octagon. looked in great shape, trhow a few big punches that if they had landed he would have killed his opponent before the guy he was fighting dived at his legs taking him down, got him in a figure four leg lock and brock tapped out.

The fight was over in about 60 seconds haha

oh the undertaker and someone else from wwe(can't remember who) where in the crowd - i was half expecting them to jump in and help out with a steel chair or two
Stone Cold and Kurt Angle were in attendance.

Yeah, Lesnar looked impressive but couldn't finish the job on his opponent.

Originally Posted by Matt View Post
Thats what they said on the news

Word on the street is he's coming back to claim his rightful heavyweight title at wrestlemania 25.
So wrong on so many levels

Yet laughable
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