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Originally Posted by fidget View Post
Stipe wins his title back.
I wonder if Jones fancies moving up now and having a go.
Pretty sure Jones would clean his clock without breaking a sweat. Jorge Masvidal V Diaz is the fight I think everybody wants to see now. The build up to that will be carnage

I'd be surprised if we see McGregor in the Octogan again, its very hard for him to spin sucker punching an Aul Fella in a gob because he refused drink.

I think Irish fans will put up with a lot and they have but there is just no way to come away from that other than looking like a gobshite. Perhaps if he comes out and says he has a drinking problem and he is in 12 steps but this one of many cunty moves he has come out with lately.

For me personally, when he made comment about his last opponents wifes hijab was a step to far, I cant support that.
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