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Originally Posted by Shaggy View Post
Thank you to our Scottish correspondent Buzzo there.

Now back to Buzzo for the latest on Andy Robertson and Supergran!

He lost to him a few weeks back didn't he? Good result anyway. Great to see him away from that fucking satellite tour shite.

I always like to ensure everyone on EST knows what’s happening up here

That’s right, he did lose to Sandgren recently apparently.

I am really intrigued to see how Andy goes (if you hadn’t realised). There were points yesterday where he was running everything down and really frustrating.

His misses were all shot a into the net, and a bit of a lack of sharpeness. Does he have enough to climb top 20 and above???

I hope so.

If he can get a march on and time it as Novak, Rafa and Roger all hit injury worries he could surely bag a couple of slams????

I’m a wild optimist sports wise. That’s the dream for me.

Right, best post the Andy Robbo clip I just found
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