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Originally Posted by Zapater View Post
Been reading quite a bit of the UK and Ireland's response to the WC and I must say, I'm pretty disappointed how bitter and twisted comments from respected people are. Sour grapes everywhere. I expect it from England, but wtf is up with the other home nations, didn't realise they loved England so much.

Guscott saying there shouldn't be that many subs as it gives one team advantage over the other All teams have the same number of subs, it's upto everyone individually to how they use their squad effectively (see Jones' comments about a squad). The fact that that we have more depth in the forwards isn't our problem, each team had 15 players on the pitch. If anything with the way the game is going there should be more speed with all of the collisions and its intensity.

Won only because we were bigger and stronger than everyone else. Wales tight 5 were about 40kgs more than SA's and I think their scrum outweighed us by 15kg and England's scrum was 20kg more than ours. Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story, as the Boks skilless neanderthals just smashed whatever was in front of them. Not one word about Kolbe's quality etc either.

Neil Francis and other pricks implying of steroid abuse. Come on now, that's a joke, yes I'm sure there are many players using performance enhancers in the world (SA included). Referencing individual cases to try to say everyone is doing it is just madness. Unless there's categorical proof, it's complete hearsay.

Anyway, rant over, just a bit bemused about the reaction.
Doesn't represent what the reaction has been over here at all, but there we are!
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