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Blew my calf doing sets of kettlebell carries up the stairs a few weeks back but have been easing it back in. Tuesday was lovely so went down park.

60m Kettlebell walk 2x28K, 120m jog, 120m wall. x10 sets.
320m kettlebell walk 2x16K
320m jog
320m walk
Then all the carrying the KBs to & from the car. Still nursing calf a bit but is OK.

Hopefully bike coming back from shop soon. Determined to stop being a fat cunt. Have gone from 92.5 to 90.5 so far in lockdown. Aim is 85K & 15% bodyfat but to keep the muscle. Kinda like a shit version of Franco Columbu in his time.
We won it 19 times ...
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