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Originally Posted by Buzzo View Post
Glasgow 15 Leinster 18

Decent game until the heavens opened. High intensity.

Leinster out muscled Glasgow. The rain was not what Glasgow needed and resulted in some errors, and Leinster just Leinstered their way to victory, its not pretty, one 'up the jumper' 25 phase move where they gained about 20 metres before getting penalised about summing it up.

Glasgow gifting a try back to Leinster after taking the lead also not ideal.

Overall, the best team won. But what might have been.

Disgrace how often the Irish are taking out Stuart Hogg, blatantly in the 6ns and now carelessly today. Taken out in the air and knocked out cold. His final action in a Glasgow shirt. Not that it affected the result but that had to be a red.
Not sure itís an Irish thing Hogg plays the game at such a pace he just gets caught. Kearney is also v good in the air but he timed that one badly and prob should have walked.

Leinster more streetwise and found it out, they looked tired from the Sarries game and the weather didnít help ye either
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