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With all the excitement from last Saturday night I forgot to mention that I went to the Premiership final in the afternoon.

I think everyone who went sort of knew that Saracens would prevail but Exeter could, (possibly should) have won.

They had an eleven point lead after an hour and the Sarries players looked out on their feet but then some really poor Chiefs decision making allowed them to get back in to it.

When the opposition look knackered and your the team has the maximum in play time and phase play stats for the entire season surely you do more of the same? But no, Exeter got involved in a kick and contest battle and Saracens don't lose those. So an opportunity spurned.

One other thing, Sam Skinner's touch line break and off-load for Slade's try was a thing of beauty - especially for a second row. I'm not sure how a lad from somewhere like Torquay ends up with Scotland? Someone's done you a favour there Buzzo
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