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Originally Posted by Buzzo View Post
Back for the shuffle in Istanbul
I wish

The thing here is we are never getting a break - Hendo out means we are again stretched in midfield. Milner is over played and injured, Curtis is a kid so we need to manage his minutes, Naby back from extensive rehab agsin he needs to be managed, Thiago with big gaps due to his injury and clearly being overplayed. The same will happen with Fab

Klopp needs to bite the bullet here and rotate Kabak, Davies and Phillips at the back whilst managing the time of the guys in midfield so they are not overplayed. Ox needs to step up now and even Shaq - change to a 4-2-3-1 with Jota bring available again also

Unprecedented injuries - I’ve never seen the like for any team in all my years watching football. Fucking t-Rex
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