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Originally Posted by Exiled_red View Post
We must have known that if VVD got injured we were likely going to find ourselves in trouble. Matip misses about half of the season regardless either through something serious or a constant string of small injuries. Gomez isn't as injury prone as some like to make out but when he gets injured he tends to be out for a while.

For some reason I was of the thinking he would miss about 10 games a season in the league but just looked at his appearances for the past four seasons and they are

2017/18 - 23 games
2018/19 - 16 games
2019-20 - 28 games
2020/21 - 7 games

Had in in my head that he was missing less games each season than he has.

His track record over four seasons coupled with Matip's over the past five seasons makes the gamble of not bringing in a CB in the summer even more baffling.

Weird thing is that during Matip's last five seasons in Germany he played 30 or more league games in four of the five seasons and the Bundesliga has only 34 games a season.

Basically you are pretty much guaranteed that Gomez will miss close to half a season worth of games most years and Matip is more or less in the same boat
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