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Couple of pages back I posted about Wentz. I like the kid, and it's a great story, but I'd have concerns. He had a good senior bowl and has impressed at the combine and on scouting days, but it's in live situations I'd worry about him.

He doesn't settle his feet particularly quickly, and doesn't hang around in the pocket long enough when he sees any pressure. Scouts will like him because the Bison had him making a lot of different short and medium throws. But on longer throws, especially to the sidelines, he doesn't know how to guide his receivers into space with his throws. Quite often he has wildly overthrown pretty straightforward throws. I worry about what he sees down the field.

But he has size and athleticism, a good arm, and enough general accuracy to be promising. He can tuck and run too, almost in Andrew Luck style - he doesn't mind railroading a motherfucker. I suspect teams think they will be able to work on the rest, believing you can teach reads and footwork but can't teach size and new arms.

They're going to need to offer him serious protection. He played for a massively dominant FCS team and still looked sketchy under pressure. A porous offensive line on Sundays could see him sink pretty quick.

With work I'd have said he was a good pick as his arm strength probably means he has a higher ceiling than Goff, but it'll be interesting if he's a day one starter (which surely he would be if the Rams rake him). I wouldn't have given all those picks away for him. Or for Goff, that said.
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